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Major Benefits of SFD® Surveys

SFD® aids in identifying reservoir prospects at the earliest stage of the exploration cycle. By doing so SFD® acts as a first pass reconnaissance and focusing tool, and can be instrumental in the goal of reducing the overall time, cost and risk of exploration programs:

Extensive coverage and fast tracking – gather new information over vast areas quickly.
Risk reduction – focus exploration efforts and prioritize the best exploration prospects.
Non-intrusive – high altitude acquisition leads to drastic reduction in impacts on the environment and local communities, as well as avoiding on-ground security concerns.
Versatile – explore anywhere, as SFD® can be easily used onshore and offshore, over areas with difficult access (jungle, arctic) and over new exploration frontiers such as subsalt plays.
Rapid execution – reconnaissance and SFD® prospect verification projects can be conducted and the final recommendations delivered in as little as 2 to 4 months.
Verification – SFD® data provides independent confirmation of exploration prospects obtained from other G&G exploration tools.
Cost competitive – SFD® surveys can be anywhere from 1/10 (offshore) to 1/30 (onshore jungle) of the cost of 2D seismic acquisition.

SFD® represents a new generation of airborne geophysical surveys that can identify areas of reservoir potential within the sedimentary column, allowing optimization of G&G resources and efforts.


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