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SFD® Case Studies

NXT has compiled numerous case studies to research examples of how the SFD® system reacts to varying geological settings, including known reservoirs and fields, and to show its degree of correlations with seismic data. Click on the pdf files below to access and review each case study.

Area Play Type Field Link

Western Canadian

Sedimentary Basin

Foothills Structural Play

Foothills Structural Play

Burnt Timber & Limestone Fields

Pink Mountain Field

Devonian Carbonate Reef
Ladyfern Reef Field
Devonian Horsts/Gilwood Sands
Hotchkiss Field
Cretaceous Fluvial Stratigraphic Play
Provost & Bellshill Lake Fields
Paleozoic Basement Uplift
Red Earth Field
Devonian Patch Reef
Normandville Field
Colombia - Llanos Basin
Eocene Foothills Structural Play
Cusiana & Cupiaga Fields
Cretaceous Foreland Anticline
Castilla Field
Colombia - Guajira Basin
Miocene Offshore Folded Wedge
Chuchupa Field
Pakistan - Indus Basin
Tertiary Double Plunging Anticline
Sui Field

NXT aims to have additional clients involved in the process of formally presenting the results of our SFD® surveys in the form of technical case studies, which are an invaluable tool to showcase how SFD® reacts in different geological settings, and more importantly, the high degree of correlation between SFD® identified anomalies, and those which were independently identified through the use of other (seismic, FTG, etc.) geophysical datasets.


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