NXT Energy Solutions Inc.

The NXT Strategy

NXT’s goal is to continue expanding industry acceptance and use of our proprietary Stress Field Detection (“SFD®”) airborne survey technology, and make SFD®an integral part of our clients oil & gas exploration programs.  Gaining repeat business from existing clients, and building on new case studies which showcase the capabilities of SFD® in identifying reservoir prospects in varying geological settings is aiding in achieving this goal.

NXT is currently selling our aerial survey services on a fee for service basis (based on line km of survey data acquired).  The business model can also expand to allow NXT the opportunity to generate additional revenue streams by acquiring proprietary speculative (“spec”) data for future resale in new survey regions flown, and participating in the success arising from survey data acquired, by way of:

Negotiating to receive over-riding royalties on exploration prospects surveyed.
Obtaining an early-stage equity ownership interest in new exploration companies which utilize the SFD® survey data (“vertical” expansion).

Our target client base includes all of the major national oil companies (“NOCs”) which hold or take an ownership interest in the majority of unexplored acreage. Many of the NOCs are also active outside of their home country.


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