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SFD® Surveys

How can SFD® be useful?

Obtaining accurate images of earth’s subsurface in areas of complex geology such as those associated with salt tectonics, basalt, folds and thrust belts and complex carbonate reservoirs requires the use of multiple geophysical tools to aid in mitigating exploration risk.  SFD® offers a unique independent data set which is complementary to seismic and other geophysical data.

Based on extensive empirical observation and correlation with other geophysical data, it has been repeatedly demonstrated that in most survey applications, SFD® anomalies arise from subsurface poroelastic change relating to simple geologic features such as faults, fault blocks, anticlines, carbonate bank edges, channel systems, and over-pressure cells.  This family of geologic features are commonly correlated with the potential for occurrence of hydrocarbon trapping conditions.  Accordingly, SFD®, independent of other geophysical techniques, can be applied as an excellent indicator of potential hydrocarbon traps.

SFD® is an airborne system

The airborne SFD® survey technology is very compact, versatile, and rapidly deployed.  It is also not affected by harsh or impassable ground surface conditions (the Arctic, desert, mountainous areas, jungle).  In addition, ground based exploration surveys often require a lengthy consultation and permitting process.  These factors give SFD® the advantage of rapid project planning and execution, which can be conducted in any geological setting, onshore or offshore.

As the SFD® survey system operates from an airborne platform, it is considered a “remote sensing” technology.  For purposes of meeting spending commitments on exploration blocks acquired, many countries are recognizing SFD® surveys as eligible expenditures for these commitments.  In fact, some countries even require remote sensing programs as a component of early stage exploration programs.

In comparison to ground based exploration surveys such as seismic data acquisition, SFD® surveys have the benefit of having no direct on-ground environmental impact, and no disruption of local communities.


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