NXT Energy Solutions Inc.

NXT’s Worldwide Experience

NXT commenced to sell SFD® surveys on a fee-for-service basis in 2006, and as part of an extensive R&D phase, has acquired over 600,000 line kilometers of SFD® data in varying geological settings worldwide, in multiple countries including Canada, the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Guatemala, Bolivia, Pakistan and Syria. NXT is actively engaged in developing new leads and potential survey opportunities in frontier areas in Sri Lanka, throughout Latin and Central America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

NXT commenced operations in Latin America in 2008, and its client base in Colombia has included Pacific Rubiales Energy, Ecopetrol, Hocol and British Petroleum. In 2012, NXT provided its first SFD® survey to Petróleos Mexicanos (“PEMEX”), the national oil company of Mexico (see in-depth discussion in the “PEMEX Joint Technical Paper” section). In 2015 NXT executed 9,832 line kilometer survey campaign for YPFB in Bolivia, the results of this campaign were presented at the XII Bolivarian Symposium – Petroleum Exploration in the SubAndean Basins (see in-depth discussion in the “YPFB/NXT Technical Presentation” section).

In 2013 NXT entered the Asian market by providing its first SFD® survey to Pakistan Petroleum Limited (“PPL”), one of the national oil and gas companies of Pakistan. PPL and NXT jointly authored a Technical Paper / Case Study on the results of this survey, which is further detailed in the “Pakistan Petroleum Ltd. Joint Technical Paper” section of this website.



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