NXT Energy Solutions Inc.

Code of Conduct & Business Ethics

NXT’s goal is to be a highly respected, ethical and high quality service company, employer, company, and partner / service provider to the global oil & gas exploration industry.

A company achieves success for a number of reasons, most of which are directly attributable to the quality and integrity of its people. As NXT operates in many unique international markets, we expect and require all of our employees, executive, Board of Directors, consultants, advisors and independent agents to follow the highest standards of business practices and ethics.

NXT’s Code of Conduct & Business Ethics is an integral part of our goal, and includes such guiding principles as:

Observe respect for others (including all of our employees, clients, service providers and others).
Maintain a high standard of workplace health and safety.
All business conducted on behalf of NXT must ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and respect for local customs.
Strictly maintain the confidentiality of client data and plans, as well as NXT proprietary information.

A Code of Conduct & Business Ethics cannot cover every possible situation or contingency, but is intended to alert all of our employees, consultants, service providers to areas where special awareness and care are required. If anyone finds themselves in a situation where they are uncertain as to the correct course of action, they should seek the counsel of their manager, or if that is not appropriate, then NXT senior management or external legal counsel.

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