NXT Energy Solutions Inc.

Technical Team

Dr. Xiang Gui-Director R&D

Dr. Gui has a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering. He is a scholar with a strong academic background and professional experience at a number of universities in China, UK, USA and Canada. He has performed extensive R&D and geophysical survey work worldwide. He is credited with the patents on SFD® technology.

Rashid Tippu-Director Geoscience Middle East / Africa

Mr. Tippu has a MSc. in Geophysics and over 20 years of experience with hydrocarbon exploration, development and new venture projects in Asia, the Middle East and Europe (OMV, Schlumberger WesternGeco).  In addition he is a professional geoscientist with experience in seismic data acquisition, processing and evaluation, and in special reservoir studies including AVO, inversion, and seismic forward modelling.

Enrique Hung-Director Geoscience Latin America

Mr. Hung has a MA in Geology & Geophysics along with 25 years dedicated to O&G prospect evaluation and farm-in opportunities in Atlantic Canada, Angola, Eastern Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago (Chevron and PDVSA). He has experience with 2D/3D Seismic data interpretation and modeling applied to prospect generation, exploration drilling, and new field development management.


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