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YPFB SFD Survey 2015

Advancing YPFB’s Hydrocarbon Exploration Programs in the Bolivian Sedimentary Basins using the leading-edge SFD® airborne geophysical survey method

With a strategy to expand hydrocarbon exploration in Bolivia, YPFB carried out data acquisition of 9,823 line kilometers using Stress Field Detection (SFD®) technology. This airborne technology uses sensors that respond to subtle gravitational field distortions caused by density and stress contrasts in the subsurface. These contrasts are associated with areas conducive for fluid entrapment within the sedimentary package.

The results of the survey were presented at the XII Bolivarian Symposium – Petroleum Exploration in the SubAndean Basins – which was held in Bogota, Colombia on September 26 and 27.

The technology was utilized by YPFB with the following objectives:

To evaluate the effectiveness of SFD® technology in a blind test over known producing fields.
To identify, confirm and assess potential traps and reservoir prospects in the subsurface.
To identify new lead areas for future hydrocarbon exploration programs.

YPFB/NXT Joint Presentation (Spanish)

YPFB/NXT Joint Presentation (English)


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