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Gulf Of Mexico Shallow Water Round 2.1

NXT’s patented SFD® Technology has been approved by the Comisión Nacional de Hidrocarburos, (“CNH”), for work credits by exploration companies in Mexico. Details of the authorization can be found on the ARES (CNH Exploration Authority) website: http://www.gob.mx/cnh/documentos/consulta-las-aresotorgadas.

The airborne survey has been completed over the areas that have been identified by CNH for the shallow water bid-round 2.1, covering the Tampico-Misantla, Veracruz and Cuencas del Sureste exploration areas. The data is available with CNH and is being marketed by NXT to its clients. For further information on these areas please visit: http://rondasmexico.gob.mx/r2-l01-bloques.

The SFD® survey covers an area of approximately 8,900 square kilometers and provides participants with a unique data set which may be used to confirm seismically identified potential traps. The SFD® survey may also provide critical information on the presence of potential trapped fluid accumulations, which may be useful in the evaluation of prospective blocks. 



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